I don’t know about you but I am a big fan of some classic porn of 70s and 80s
You could see that some females back then really loved it. I mean check this blowjob. She wants the smell and the essence of his dick all over her.
When was the last time you saw something like this in a porn scene of 2010 and later?

I consider Shauna Grand one of the best female performers of this era . I love the lines of her silhouette and her sensual energy while she is taking it.
Unfortunately she retired and died too young.  I wish we had more from her.

Enjoy some of her best scenes bellow and if you think I am missed something, you can include it in the comments and then I will add it here as well.




A small backstory from Wikipedia:

Shauna Grant
Colleen Marie Applegate

May 30, 1963

Died March 23, 1984 (aged 20)

Cause of death Suicide
Resting place St. Michael’s Catholic Cemetery, Farmington, MN
Other names Callie Aimes
Callie Aims
Shauna Grant


In 1983, Grant retired from the adult film industry after less than a year and just over 30 films and videos, in which she had sex on screen with 37 men, and after contracting herpes and having an abortion.[7][8] She disliked the industry, although she regarded Joey Silvera well.[citation needed]

On March 14, 1984, she was a multiple nominee and presenter (with John Leslie) at the 8th Annual Adult Film Association Awards show at the Coconut Grove Ambassador Hotel. While her desire to act in mainstream films had generated no offers, she was so prestigious at the time that famed director Francis Ford Coppola was seated at her table.[9]

That night she agreed to work on her first adult film in 10 months. Matinee Idol was due to begin filming in eight days in San Francisco, California. A few days after the awards show, her Minnesota boyfriend flew to Los Angeles to see her but Grant forgot about his arrival. Grant and Smith had partied and slept in the days following the awards show and lost track of time. At the same time Jake Ehrlich, another boyfriend and cocaine dealer of Grant, telephoned from prison saying that their relationship was over and that Grant needed to move out of his Palm Springs home.[10]

Grant persuaded her friend, veteran porn performer Kelly Nichols, to take the role intended for Grant. Grant also had the option of returning to Minnesota. Her parents offered to pay for her college expenses, but she believed she would no longer be comfortable at home in Minnesota.[citation needed]


On March 21, 1984, Grant committed suicide in Palm Springs by shooting herself with a pistol.[11]

Grant’s funeral was held on March 28, 1984, at St. Michael’s Church, a Catholic parish near the center of Farmington, Minnesota.[citation needed] She was buried at the Saint Michaels Catholic Cemetery, Farmington.[12]