The viral video commentator known as Ozzy Man has stumbled upon the alluring weather forecasts of Mexican weather anchor Yanet Garcia. And as you’d expect, his “review” of her his hysterical.


“I find meself really interested in Mexican weather lately,” he begins. “It’s good to learn about other cultures and, uh, precipitation.” Riiight. 


With a thick Australian accent, he comically mangles the pronunciation of Spanish words like “noche,” which he pronounces “notch-ee.”

Yanet Garcia

Image: YouTube/Ozzy Man Reviews

Like the rest of the world, he seems to have fallen for Yanet pretty hard. “She could tell me to do anything, and I’d jump into action. She’d make me approach the apocalypse with a can-do attitude.”


With nearly 12 million views, his take on Yanet is among his most-watched clips. But he’s created plenty other viral videos riddled with ridiculous Aussie slang.

Remember that viral video from last year of a man punching a kangaroo in the face to save his dog? Ozzy Man did a bit on that, too.