My friend Joe visited from Germany.

He is a pilot for Lufthansa airlines and whenever he makes a stop in Budapest we offer him our second bedroom for a sleepover.

I grew up with Joe since we were 5 years old. He is like a brother to me since I don’t have one

Liz, my wife, before she becomes my wife,  we both liked her the first time we met her.

We  both tried to get her, but eventually, I was the lucky one

No hard feelings from Joe. It’s not like he was madly in love with her. He just liked her at the time because she was hot.

The years passed and we always joked about our efforts back then with Liz

In a recent conversation, he told me, I wonder what I’ve missed out. I just wanted one night with her.

One night? that’s it? (I asked him)

“maybe two .. ”  he replied by trying to tease me

“I don’t know about two.. but I wouldn’t mind for just one.’  I told him.
I am not a submissive or the cuckold type. I am a pure alpha male who enjoys seeing the influence his wife has over other men.
I fantasize about the idea, that a man could have sex with my wife for just one night and then only in his dreams again.

I told him “Tomorrow morning I will be gone. You go to our bed and you should try your thing.
Before you get on the bed, turn my camera on.  You will see it on the shelf right in front of the bed.

He told me that this is crazy and that I will regret it.  “What if she doesn’t want it, and it turns ugly..?” He asked

“Then you apologize and you back off”
I give you permission to try, and if I regret it it’s my problem.” I told him.

So the next morning this is what my camera recorded from Joe and Liz

I told the asshole to back off in case she doesn’t want it.

I also forgot to tell him the obvious. “Do not cum inside her”

What an asshole .. I should know better since I know him for ages.

This was his first and last time with my Liz.

I didn’t expect it to be so lame for her.

Liz couldn’t believe I was a part of this. She told me I was the biggest asshole and she moved back to her apartment.

I believed she would enjoy a little cheating session after 6 years of commitment to our marriage.

I was wrong, and for sure I will think twice before I set up something like this in the future