I made 5538$ by betting that Mcgregor will lose by KO in his fight with Poirier. My little sister saw the cash on my desk and she asked what was all this. I told her, it’s from a little business of mine. She picked some of the cash excited with disbelief

Do you want some?
What do you mean? she replied
You could have, half of what’s on the table.
Are you serious? Why is that? she replied
Just because… I have this fantasy of you for years
What fantasy?
I imagine that you open your mouth and I cum all over your face.
You are insane. Why would you fantasize about me? I am your sister.
That’s why. The idea that this should never happen between us. The idea that it’s forbidden..
You are crazy, she whispered putting the stack of cash, back on my desk.
So? It will only take you 30 seconds


The best thing I ever experienced in my life