This hot female photographer likes to photograph hot naked girls. Her name, “Alisa Verner”.
I stumble upon her photos and I saw in her bio that she is shooting with same camera lenses that I am shooting my videos for sensoprime.

In her own words :

  ” For me, photography is more than just pictures. It is a magical world of beauty and light, the unforgettable emotions that come from those who are looking at me from the other side of the lens, those who energize me and charge themselves from me.
 There is an incredibly creative atmosphere and it’s an exciting process. To make you smile and see the shine in your eyes and in the eyes of those for whom you are creating this with me)
Delight, inspire, excite!
 I’m ready to surround you with attention, to create a stunning image with a team of professional make-up artists, creating beautiful photos of you and just to make you happy 🙂
 Regularly work in Paris! “


Bellow some of her photos that caught my eye and here is  her personal portfolio website in case you want to take a look on your own.




I love how she sets her models using only natural light. I could do the same for some of our sensoprime video productions. I got too comfortable using my 120D light lately.