My girl’s sister is not a computer person, and so she asked me to help her with her data on her iPhone because she couldn’t take a single photo anymore.

I said no problem.

She gave me a brand new hard-drive and she asked me to transfer all her media to this hard-drive and then erase them from her iPhone.

Transferring her media to the hard drive, there were 2 little thumbnails that caught my eye and I couldn’t help but open them.

Even though I’ve never thought of my girl’s sister in an explicit way… I found this video to be very hot. 

this was the 2nd media file from the same session

I mean, look at this. Her fiancé has a beautiful penis and she is really good at what she is doing to him

After this video, I checked every single file to see if there were any more.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t  🙁

I don’t know? did this video slip her attention? Or did she want me to watch it?

I will never find out, but I will always be happy to help with her media transfers