2 words.


I start working with  Alex

A few months later, alongside with Alex, I start working with Suzan.

Then Alex got upset because I was shooting similar concepts with Suzan and she though I was investing myself more to Suzan than to her. That wasn’t true.

She left me , and now all I got is Suzan.

I want to expand sensualcrave productions.

I dont want to show you the same girl over and over

I am always looking for new faces.

Recently I found Bella and we start working totherer. I believe she is  natural, and the more she shows up , the more you will like her.

A few days ago I found an other girl at onlyfans – (she is a woman actually)

I asked her for a lollilop video with specific instructions.

She told me I should pay 125 euro for 15′ duration. I end up paying her 155 euro because of the VAT fee by Onlyfans “send tip” option.

This video  is what she sent me.

Unfortunately she did nothing I asked her to do.

I told her that her hair should be from the other side . I showed her a specific camera angle and I requested to shoot from the same angle witch was a much lower angle.

The sound is terrible but I wouldn’t mind to work with her in order to improve this, if at least was showing some understanding and respect towards my simple requests.

For the record, those are the 2 screenshots I sent her asking from her to have the same camera angle and the hair falling from her right.


I wish I didn’t have to pay 155 euro to cast this woman.. but I did . and now I know

I will keep searching .