The first version of this video upload on Youtube did great! 17.000 views within the first first hour of uploading , with 700 likes and only 7 dislikes . We usually make 20.000 views in within the first 2-3 days of uploading. So 17.000 views within the first hour seemed that this would be one of those videos that would do very well.  Unfortunately there was something Youtube didn’t like. They pulled it down and the gave us a strike. We tried to understand witch part was the one that made them react with a strike towards our video but they never replied back to our questions. We only received an automated reply that after their review they decided “so and so” with out any explanation whatsoever.  We did some intense cutting to most of the best scenes of this video and we uploaded again so that our viewers could have at last a short peak of this set up with Suzan.

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