He approaches me and he offers 2000$ to allow him to have sex with my wife.
You are nuts. I tell him. Get the hell out of my face .
What about 4000?
You are ridiculous.
Dude. It’s not up to me. She wont do it for a million..

Long story short after taking it to my wife , we both agreed that we could accept $6000 for just touching her.

You can only touch her. I told him
What do you mean, I can only touch her?
You can touch her anywhere and you can do to her anything you want by using your hands only, as long as you don’t hurt her of course.
Alright 2000 and it’s a deal.
No. That’s the deal for $6000. I told him
6k for just touching her?? are you nuts?
You are nuts for offering money to fuck somebody’s wife. You can do anything to her using your hands. It’s up to you?
Alright. Bring her over to 433 at 6pm. I will have 5k for you, if you want it.

He turned his back on me and he started walking with out giving me the change to say anything more.

3 hours later, at 6pm, we went up to his room he gave me the money , once I was done counting, he asked me to wait outside.
I am gonna stand 5 meters away from you I told him. That’s the best case scenario for this thing to happen, or you can keep your money. (I extended my arm handling the money to him.)
Okay have a seat. I don’t want you standing. he replied
I tried to fit the money in to my pockets, as soon as I did, I sat on a couch across them
He pulled my wife on his lap and the whole thing started