1. Getting dominated: Maybe she’s tired of calling the shots all day. Initiate sex positions and show her why it’s great to come home when you ahem, order her to—armed with handcuffs she walks in the door.

2. Being pleased with pain: Everyone’s got their something. If your girl is into it hurting so good, then by all means do it. Pull some hair, leave some welts on her backside, give her some nibbling—mark your territory, so to speak—and don’t let her forget who calls the shots, at least when she’s got a hankering to be the submissive.


3. Having a three way: Maybe she’s never had a threesome before and suddenly she’s curious. What could be more lovely than watching your lady indulge you with the company of another beautiful vixen? Let your main squeeze lead the way and the newbie take you to places you have yet to get acquainted with.


4.Watching you get off: Sure you’ve rubbed one out it a million times to your favorite photo of her, but you’ve done it in private. It’s no secret many men enjoying watching a woman get off, but what about when the shoe is on the other foot? If you’re comfortable, have her partake in the fun. Have her sashay in front of you, peeling some unmentionables off while cooing in your ear, whispering devastatingly erotic lines. When you’re about ready for lift off, have her help you in the process.