Guys, there are plenty of times women find you incredibly sexy, but you’re likely just as often doing something that turns us off. Whether it’s a bad bathroom habit, or a mean streak you need to get under control, sometimes what may seem like a small thing to you can be unsexy to us in a big way. So, FYI, here are the times we could do without.

1. When you fart in bed. Look, we know everyone farts and sometimes you just can’t help it. But when you do it in bed, where we’re pretty much trapped, it’s just kind of rude. Maybe you could run to the bathroom next time? At least while we’re awake?


2. When you get into a fight. Oh, you think getting into a bar fight makes you seem tough and manly? Think again. Violence is violence, and a violent streak is not a trait most women find sexy in a partner. Fighting just makes you seem immature and insecure, and there’s nothing sexy about that.


3. When you have road rage. Have you ever been in the passenger seat while someone is driving with road rage? It’s terrifying. We want to feel safe and secure around you, not scared. So grow up, cool your jets and if you must do something, flip the bird and keep your eyes on the road.


4. When you’re rude to the server. Guys, it’s a huge turnoff when you’re rude to a server, or a cashier, or anyone else whose job it is to serve you. Even if they screw up, or service is slow, or you’ve had a bad day, there’s no excuse for being a total dick to someone who’s just trying to make a living.


5. When you treat your parents like shit. These people made you. Even if they’re annoying and all up in your business when we visit for dinner, try to show them some respect. Sure, roll your eyes if you have to, but when you’re downright mean to your parents, it we imagine you treating us that way one day, and it’s a huge turnoff.


7. When your eyes wander. If you’re trying to make us jealous, think again, as this act has the opposite effect. Even if you do notice another woman, when you’re with your wife or your girlfriend, at least make the effort to pretend you don’t. We want to know that you only have eyes for us.


8. When you leave us a huge mess to clean up. When you make a huge mess and just leave it there for us to clean up, we feel pretty disrespected. And while we might just go ahead and clean it up, we’re likely cursing you out in our heads while we do it.


6. When you leave the toilet seat up. And not even because it’s inconsiderate (though it is). But because if you’re in the habit of leaving the seat up, you maybe don’t also have great aim. Which means we’re going to see the pee you left on the toilet and that’s gross and the complete opposite of sexy.