IKEA‘s beloved FRAKTA bag has made a huge splash in today’s fashion domain. DIY aficionados have utilized the blue polypropylene accessory as a canvas to create face masks and hats, as well as Balenciaga Speed Trainer-inspired sneakers. The French luxury fashion house has even made its own copycat iteration.

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the FRAKTA this year, IKEA just launched a video called “The Blue Bag” that basically sums up why the world continues to fall in love with its “design, function, and quality.”

Watch the video above and take a look at a few fun facts about the FRAKTA bag below.

• FRAKTA means “carry” in Swedish.

• To test it, someone weighing about 50 kilos stood inside the bag and we (IKEA) lifted it up to see if it would hold. It did.

• It can carry around 2,500 meatballs.