most popular sex positions


What typically happens in a porn video is way above average. Sometimes, you can barely follow the vivid action and need to rewatch it a couple of times to see all the stuff you’ve missed during the first watching. It truly is amazing to see how much energy they have and in how many different ways they have sex.

Hint: it is obvious that the majority of adult films aren’t shot in one go.

The question that we started asking ourselves was, “Which are the most popular sex positions in porn videos?” Everyone who watches a ton of explicit videos knows that with time a pattern forms, giving you a better idea what they practice the most and what is not that popular.

To crack the code, we watched and analyzed hundreds upon hundreds of videos on vPorn to conduct a study which reveals the most popular sex positions pornstars enjoy sex in.

Surprisingly, cowgirl beats the doggy style. To be frank, I was sure that doggy is by far the position that is practiced the most. However, guessing may lie, numbers don’t.

Moreover, right after the cowgirl and doggy, on third place is spooning. As romantic as it may sound, you will see adult performers spooning and binding quite often.

For a complete list check out this awesome infographic they put together for you and get a little more about each position below.

1. Cowgirl

Popular amongst both men and women. While the studs enjoy it mainly due to the minimal effort that is needed, the girls love it as well due to being in control of the rhythm. A win-win situation if you will.

2. Doggy (at an angle)

It allows the guy to penetrate his lady deep and make her feel absolutely phenomenal. Not to mention, the view from behind when smashing her always represent the icing on a cake.

3. Spooning (and Binding)

Everyone knows how crazy intimate a couple can get when spooning or binding. It helps feel the connection through the whole body. And for the guys, they can easily touch the front and the back of their partners.

4. Reverse Cowgirl (with legs up)

The regular reverse cowgirl is fine since the stud, again, can relax himself to the fullest while at the same time enjoys watching and touching her ass. Moreover, the version with her legs up is the advanced one and only for the experienced one.

5. The Squat

Need that booty strong? Combine a workout with sex and you have the squat position that will help all the ladies out there train at the same time while experiencing pleasurable sensations.

6. 69

Simple and very effective sex position to bring the foreplay session to a completely different level. You two can both take care of one another orally in unison.

7. Piledriver

This one might not be for everyone, however, it is worth giving it a go because the joy is inevitable. Just make sure you put a pillow or something soft on the floor so the girl does not hurt herself. Or even better, drill it on the couch.

8. Double Penetration

Sometimes, one is just not enough for a girl to fulfill her super horny needs. She needs two studs to penetrate her, one in her pussy and the other in her asshole.

9. Manhandle Her

Every once in a while you need a change in your life. That being said, leave the bed and have sex in a standing position. This might be something similar to a spooning position just that you two are standing up while enjoying each other.

10. The Eagle

The girl lies on her back with her legs up in the sky, completely relaxed. The boy approaches her from the front while on his knees, grabes her legs and smashes her juicy snatch.


11. Position that makes pornstars orgasm the most: Missionary

Who would have thought that as a simple position as a missionary is is the one that makes adult actresses cum the most. It is all in the connection, feeling the partner and watching him in the eyes.
You see, another proof that pornstars are as normal human being as you and me are.